Sunday, June 12, 2011

Award Ribbon

My friend called me up last week to ask if I would help her create something for an event she's doing for work.  Today we did that; making paper rosettes and using our own supplies, we created 20 special award ribbons. I think they are pretty cool and I think her work will be wow'd when they see them!

Buying the supplies for 20 of these was quite costly, and we had trouble finding "doggie" paper as these are for a "doggie fundraiser". We went to the ribbon section and found ribbon with paw prints instead - a great alternative. We then picked out papers to match the ribbons.

The cost was $35.00 and when we had all 20 completed this afternoon, we still had plenty of paper and ribbon left over (I guess our math needs some help!). I am now thinking "who's birthday is next" so I can make a birthday version for them!

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