Monday, February 27, 2012

Bold and Beautiful


The North Vancouver Community Arts Counciissued a call for artists for their upcoming exhibition “Bold and Beautiful”. I submitted two of my paintings – Tulips and Prosperity – Prosperity was accepted! Eighteen artists will be featured. Along with me, my studio neighbor and artist friend Anne Gudrun was also accepted.

“This inspiring exhibition celebrates the seasonal rebirth and renewal of spring. Through the powerful use of colour, light and intriguing compositions, eighteen artists revel in the timeless muse of flowers and their sensual beauty through bold and beautiful paintings.”

The Opening Reception is Thursday, March 8th, from 7-9pm. 
Hope to see you there!!! ~ Sharka

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mr. Big ???

MR. BIG is finally hanging up on my studio wall and he looks like a charmer!!! But now, my husband and I keep thinking, how can a male cow be so big? We think it's a dairy cow and so that would mean female? Then why does Mr. Big have horns???

The word 'cow' specifically refers to one sex-FEMALE. But we often mistakenly use the word cow no matter what the sex, age or breed they are. There's a whole world of 'bovines' I knew nothing about until now!!!  

So my next question is; Can female cows have horns? states that almost all breeds are born with buds, the ability to grow horns that are almost always removed at a young age. Sometimes farmers allow them to grow horns, depending on what breed they're raising. 

To make this long story short, I believe I have painted a female cow with horns and named her MR. BIG but I'm sticking with it because I like the name! ~ Sharka