Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mr. Big ???

MR. BIG is finally hanging up on my studio wall and he looks like a charmer!!! But now, my husband and I keep thinking, how can a male cow be so big? We think it's a dairy cow and so that would mean female? Then why does Mr. Big have horns???

The word 'cow' specifically refers to one sex-FEMALE. But we often mistakenly use the word cow no matter what the sex, age or breed they are. There's a whole world of 'bovines' I knew nothing about until now!!!  

So my next question is; Can female cows have horns? states that almost all breeds are born with buds, the ability to grow horns that are almost always removed at a young age. Sometimes farmers allow them to grow horns, depending on what breed they're raising. 

To make this long story short, I believe I have painted a female cow with horns and named her MR. BIG but I'm sticking with it because I like the name! ~ Sharka


  1. She is indeed lovely!

  2. Thank you... even though after what I read today, I keep saying, he's a huge cow! :-)

  3. i love your story - i think Mr Big works! Great Painting! How big?