Friday, January 14, 2011


Where does the time go.... I have been at the studio every day this week and worked really hard the last two days on a painting that is almost finished - I will post it once it's done. All of the artists at 195 Pemberton have been busy getting our studios ready for an upcoming open house and the rest of us are painting to get ready for different shows/openings that are happening around town. 195 Pemberton will be hosting its second public show, February 12th called "The heART Affair" - all the details will be coming soon.

I met with an artist friend and had a great chat about painting. He gave me a fun exercise which I tried, to help find out what my natural painting/drawing stroke is - curves or linear? You let your mind wonder and your hand doodle across the page, your natural rhythm will show. Draw patterns and keep your lines flowing but keep the lines very close together at all times. I giggled when he said, it's better when you have a beer or glass of wine in the other hand!

I turned out to be natural at drawing curves, my husband drew nothing but squares and triangles. Perhaps that says something about our personalities? After this exercise we were in Indigo and bought a book in the "sale" section called Brain Games Dare to Doodle; "This book is filled with simple, fun doodle activities designed with to keep you in mind. No artistic ability is required. So tap into your undiscovered creative side and start doodling!" It's great to sit in front of the TV and let my hands doodle while my mind wanders! The results are quite neat and I have a laugh doing it.


  1. Love the doodles! The shooting stars, wait, I mean the shooting cows. I'm going to make a wish!

  2. ...when you wish upon a cow, makes no difference, does it now? Anything your heart desires, will come to you... ,-)