Friday, February 4, 2011

Cow Got Your Tongue?

Not sure if you know, but I have always been dabbling in artsy/crafty things and in the last three years I have really enjoyed painting - painting on canvas that is! I started with acrylics and about a year ago tried oil. Whenever I have a slump I always go back to my comfort zone - acrylics!

I went through a butterfly phase, then painted some people, flowers, venice gondola scene (which I hope to experience in real life one of these days) and now - cows. My goal for this year is to paint more cows and when I reach twelve, I would like to make a calendar.

As I've started painting these cows a theme is starting to happen in my studio. The latest addition is a cow pillow - don't get too comfy when you come by for a visit... I finished the painting here a few weeks ago and the name Cow Got Your Tongue was perfect! It's 18x24 acrylic... went back to that comfort zone once again.

I find my cow paintings have been a conversation piece, they talk to me when I paint them and they sure can brighten anyone's day. This is the fifth cow painting that I've done. The other four have sold and #6 is almost finished. I will end here and you'll have to wait to see #6 on another post! :) Sharka


  1. 'A Cow Named Daisy' - coming to a gallery near you...

  2. I'm working really hard...we'll get there eventually b/c it's a goal for 2011!!!

  3. I love your cow paintings! They make me smile.