Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My First Story!

About a month ago I received an email from a friend asking me to share stories, art or anything related to crows. I left the email for a while as I didn't know what to do. But a few weeks later I couldn't sleep one evening so I sat at the computer and wrote a story called Mr. & Mrs.Crow.

Giggling to myself, I was wondering how I could write anything about crows, let alone a little story. But I did and I left it for a few days on the computer desktop. As I walked by a desk in our room (a desk that I walk by many times a day) I finally realized something was meant to be... The family of crows I painted on the desk insert four years ago would go really well with the story that was sitting on the computer desktop ready to be emailed.

Have a read, the desk insert is above and my story is here below...

We get up in the morning, I open the front living room blinds and there are two black crows by one of the original cherry trees (it no longer produces fruit). The tree is here from when there wasn’t anything on this street but a huge piece of land with lots of cherry trees. We were told it was all owned by the Black Family. Mrs. Black, who still lived on the street, in the house her father and uncle built, would always say, please call me Barbara - she wore her name broach everyday.

Barbara passed away a few years ago and her original house on a very large lot was sold. I probably don’t have to tell you what happened… two huge ugly new houses.

It’s eleven years since we moved in and it’s the same thing every morning; I open the blinds, there are two black crows hanging around that cherry tree, and we think of Barbara. We believe it’s one of the last cherry trees still standing from her orchard, so we decided we will not cut it down. I ask my husband, do you think they are still the same two crows I noticed the first day?

When we take Molly (our cocker spaniel) out for her walk or to play ball, she doesn’t even bother with Mr. and Mrs. Crow anymore. And Mr. and Mrs. Crow can’t be bothered by Molly, Kramer (the cat) or us anymore either.

After eleven years in our home, Mr. and Mrs. Crowe have slowly made themselves part of our family! I have learned that crows are partners for life, they always come back to their original (home base) and I think Mr. & Mrs. Crow will be around for a long time…

If you want to join in and write, paint, draw a crow story or just simply want to read and/or see some great art, check out "The Great Crow Party" blog and you can find out more...caw caw! ~ Sharka

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  1. I love the story!!

    Now your are a writer as well as a painter.

    Funny, as soon as I looked at the crow picture, I knew it was familiar, was sure you had painted it, but couldn't think where it was - in your home studio obviously!