Thursday, March 3, 2011

Can You Guess Which One is Mine?

When we woke up this past Sunday, I looked outside and this is what we found! We drove slowly and made it to the second day of an acrylic workshop I was taking with Janice Robertson. I haven't taken a painting workshop in some time now and since becoming a member of the North Shore Artists' Guild I have new opportunities to explore - so I signed up for Janice's class. I'm pretty sure that I want to sign-up for next month's class as well - it's a workshop on oil painting.

We arrived Sunday morning, 15 out of 16 made it, and it was "show'n'tell" time for our study/exercise we did Saturday. It was a study in value and placement. We all had the same photo to paint from - can you guess which one is mine?

The snow continued to fall most of the day but it didn't matter - we were inside having fun learning and painting. When I came home after the workshop, this is what greeted us in our front yard! Looks like the nieghbours were having some fun in the snow! ~ Sharka


  1. I think yours is the third from the left! The one with the most depth and the best clouds! :)

  2. Ah, I was wrong, I was going to say the bottom far left - I was looking for detail and I couldn't enlarge them enough to see clearly.

    At any rate, I obviously looked at your blog before this posting! Probably earlier on Thursday!

    I love the snow picture and was able to enlarge it!