Friday, April 8, 2011

My Childhood Friend...

On February 5th we came home from a dinner with friends and the phone rang... it was sad news, my childhood friend Noelle passed away.

She fought some difficult times in the last 8 years, but always had a smile on her face! She loved sports, was no "girly-girl" and had a life long quest for travel and adventure - she experienced more than most can dream. She met life's challenges with determination, dignity and a great sense of humour; we sure had some great laughs, didn't we...

Her "Celebration of Life" is this weekend and I had to do something... Noelle had a passion for gardening and you can tell by her space at a community garden that she had a pretty good "green thumb"? One of her favourite flowers was Snow Peas so I purchased 50 seed packets and attached handmade tags for guests to take home when they leave.

When I was thinking of what to write on the tags I found this quote, "The April birth flower is the sweet pea, which means good-bye or blissful pleasure. The sweet pea also has a hidden message too which is thank you for a lovely time." I didn't use this quote, but did use this little poem, by Friendship's Garden...

"In friendship's fragrant garden

There are flowers of every hue.

Each with it's own fair beauty

And its gift of joy for you."

I know I'll be planting Snow Peas in my garden this year!!! ~ Sharka

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