Saturday, July 30, 2011


I just finished this painting yesterday and today gave it the name Prosperity! I came up with the name after being told earlier that Peony meant Peace in Chinese. When I got home I went to the computer and searched Peony flower symbolism and this is what I found... "Peony symbolizes bashfulness and compassion. It symbolizes a happy life, happy marriage, good health and prosperity."

Did you know? The Chinese call Peonies the King of Flowers or the Flower Fairy.

The painting is 24"x24", acrylic on canvas. ~ Sharka


  1. Gorgeous and are an amzing artist! I just came from Lenora's blog...and your dancer is beautifully inspiring! Lovely to meet you!

  2. Thanks Victoria, I really appreciate your comments. We just got back from vacation and while away, had a look at your blog and your photography is BEAUTIFUL! I might ask for permission to paint one of your photos if you will allow me ~ Sharka