Thursday, August 18, 2011

Martha's Got Nothing on Me!

New Studio!!!... more ROOM!  It's been only about a month, but when I open the door (I now have a door that locks with a key) the new place still feels too good to be true! 

I am loving the space - it's quite a bit bigger, actually double the size of the last one. There is enough room to paint BIG canvases (yay!), and teach classes. It still faces west so there's great natural light during the day, light walls to better display my paintings, and laminate floors which were bought on craigslist. (recycling is good) I had some great help installing the floor - click'n'lock isn't as easy as you think!

The studio is in a great location, only a few walking blocks away from home!  Enough talk, here are some photos:

And I would like say Thank You to my father in-law (you know who you are) for taking and sharing the photos! ~ Sharka

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