Friday, November 4, 2011

Life Drawing

I never thought I would voluntarily join our  'Life Drawing' sessions... well I have and I am now in my third month and pretty happy with the results from this week's session.  They are held once a week, on a Tuesday for 3 hours and when I'm done, I am drained and exhausted. You would have thought I had run 5 miles or something!

With drawing there are different tools to try and many kinds of paper. I have tried basic white sketching paper and newsprint, and I noticed that most of the people were using a tannish coloured paper known as Kraft. Kraft is what I'm liking most so I'm sticking with it.  For the drawing tools I have now tried pencils in many different grades, graphite sticks and conte in black, white and sepia.

All I can say is I'm going to hang in with the 'Life Drawing' for awhile, and if nothing else it will give me practice, make my sketching/drawing for my paintings a bit easier, and get the right side of my brain working. It's also a fun evening out! ~ Sharka


  1.'re an amazing artist! Thanks for joining me today on the handmade holiday blog hop :)

  2. Thank you Jan... it was a wonderful blog hop :-)

  3. These are great Shark! Love the third one with just the tattoo colour and the white chalk. Very kewl.

  4. That's my fav too! Love to have him back to draw more kewl stuff... hey, see you tomorrow :=)

  5. Wow, I'm impressed!

    Particularly like the female form at the top of this blog.