Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"A Window in Tuscany"

It was nice to finally finish my painting today, “A Window in Tuscany”. This one took me some time… but I’m happy even if I am the turtle racing the hare, lol!

I’ve had the photo in my reference file since 2008 and when I went through them, I kept putting this one back. I knew I would paint it one day. I had hoped that by the time I got around to it, I would have actually had the experience of seeing a window in Tuscany. Tuscany is on my bucket list!

I almost had it finished last week, but my old stone Tuscan wall was a tad flat and dull. I rushed over to Opus (the art store) and bought some molding paste. I laughed because a while back I had a few jars of it and didn’t think I’d ever use it – so gave it to a friend. Maybe keeping one jar would have been a good thing.

I enjoyed using the paste and think I’ll be using it again for paintings where I want to create and enhance the texture. You might say I went outside my ‘box’ on this painting as texture is not typically in my repertoire.

I hope you enjoy… ~ Sharka

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