Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Halloween in August!

HeLLO!!! (ween) Long time no post… had to spend some time getting rid of the cobwebs that were starting to form on my blog! Of course we’re coming up to that time of year when we start to see cobwebs, goblins and ghosts all over the place!

I was watching one of Jim The Gentleman Crafter’s videos on how to make his Haunted Panorama… and just had to make one! After hubby played golf, we drove out to Langley (45 minutes on a good day) to get some supplies and found nothing Halloween. Because the traffic going home was crazy we decided to drive over the Golden Ears Bridge where I asked politely, “Can we stop at the Michaels just on the other side of the bridge?”

We came out of Michaels empty handed as well and continued on. That evening I checked both Hobby Lobby and Joann’s websites and found nothing online. I either found the paper mache round boxes to be ‘out of stock’ or a ridiculous price for shipping just two to Canada so gave up on that!

The next day I was determined to find the supplies to make two panoramas and drove to both our local Michaels stores, Walmart, Party Packagers and any dollar store I passed along the way. I finally came home with a fancy cylinder shaped wine box, raw wood fences, miniature sisal Christmas trees (I was going to make them black), a Halloween decorative pick and a skeleton garland.

I managed to make ONE of the panoramas with a pumpkin theme. The second one should not take me as long, lol, and it will have a haunted house in it. 

I cut the cylinder wine box in half to get two panoramas. I made the bases and tops with chipboard. For this first one I painted my fence to look old and rickety and then dove into my bins marked ‘Halloween’ for old paper and all the embellishments, etc.

Lastly, I grabbed a battery tea light from my studio today (couldn’t find any yesterday while grocery shopping) to put inside… At first I thought maybe this was a project that wasn’t meant to be, but I did it and am really happy with the results!!! Bwa-ha-ha-ha… ~ Sharka


  1. Such an awesome job! Glad you were able to find your halloween stuff at Michaels! I loved the video's he did, I will have to give it a try after seeing yours!

  2. Very clever of you! I'm south of the border and I've had the same luck finding the cylindrical container! When I saw yours though, I got the bright idea of using a Quaker Oatmeal container! (You know, the old cylindrical ones.) I love what you did with yours!

  3. Thanks Winnie and Queen Mary I appreciate the positive comments! What a great idea, I'll have to have a friend buy me a case of oatmeal next time she goes across the border so I can get more cylinders! :) A friend wants to make one for Christmas...