Tuesday, August 6, 2013

SUMMER Memories Mini Album

I must tell you all that Vancouver, the city known for it’s rain drops, has surpassed its previous record for the sunniest July ever... AND... it has also been the first time on record where we have had a whole calendar month completely dry!

We got a day of rain just this past Friday and it was nice and refreshing! By Saturday afternoon, the sun and warm temperatures returned… it truly has been the best July ever!

Now, do you love mini albums? I sure do! Minis are fun to create and they are the perfect way to capture not only a special event or time, but also a entire season.

Today I am going to share a mini that is perfect to capture some of your favourite Summer moments!

Summer is flying by… I hope you are enjoying every moment of it! I know I am! ~ Sharka


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