Friday, December 2, 2011

DIY TP Wreath

I was totally inspired when I saw Emily's Christmas Wreath made from…. recycled toilet paper rolls!

Yes, you read that right - a Christmas Wreath made from toilet paper rolls! I thought this must be simple and would be the perfect wreath for my door at the studio, so I began collecting all our rolls…Yippee!
You will Need:
  • recycled toilet paper and/or paper towel rolls…lots of them!
  •  hot glue gun
  • red craft/acrylic paint
  • sparkle craft varnish (FolkArt) or Glimmer Mist
  • wire coat hanger
  • embellishments for flower centres

The How To:
  • You will need 1.5 toilet paper rolls for each flower. My wreath has a total of 9 flowers, so 11 rolls were good.
  • With red acrylic paint, paint all the rolls. I gave my tp rolls 2 coats of paint (allowed the red paint to be solid/opaque). After the paint is dry, brush on some sparkle varnish to give them a ‘sparkle’.
  • When the tp rolls are completely dry, flatten them and cut into 3/8” rings. You want the rings to be the same depth, so do take the extra time to measure!
  • Glue 7 rings together to form a flower. Repeat until you have the number of flowers you want for your wreath.
  • Assemble flowers in a wreath shape and glue together… hot glue gun is great - fast, easy and holds!
  • Made the wire coat hanger into a circle to the fit the wreath. Attach with hot glue to back of the wreath. The wire gives the wreath some strength while hanging. Without the wire my wreath was changing shape and became a droopy oval.
  • Embellish and voila, you’re done!

For embellishing I used stuff that I had for awhile in my Christmas supplies – glittered acrylic snowflakes and Sandylion poinsettia stickers. My other idea was to make paper rosettes for the centres. You can use buttons, ribbon, gems, you name it! 
 Here's to creating great things with friends and family this holiday season! ~ Sharka


  1. Your wreath is amazing! Whowouldathunk- toilet paper rolls! Amazing!

  2. I know, who woulda thought those and I was really happy the way it turned out. Like my blog said, Emily inspired me and I absolutely had to make one too... Thank you Karen for stopping by today :-)