Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcome 2013!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a brand NEW YEAR! It’s time to get ready for the next chapter… and now is the time to make our resolutions!

No matter what those New Year’s resolutions are, for some reason, by the third month, resolutions are often long forgotten. For some people, they’re gone sooner than that.

I believe we need to give our list some careful thought and intent - then follow through.

What are you going to do differently - in terms of your ART - this year? What are your goals and desires? What are you determined to achieve?

Here are my five CREATE-ive Resolutions for 2013…

#5 - Have my first show… my dream/vision past few years has been to have a show of my paintings -- I will have to work hard, which means painting faster for me! Big dreams, but life itself is a DREAM!

#4 - Do at least one painting in size/shape that's outside my norm -- whether extreme portrait format, large square or a huge one!

#3 - To experiment with a new media...watercolour!

#2 - To stop fiddle-farting around on the internet (and in between paintings) and re-dedicate myself to painting!

#1 - To have fun, enjoy myself at the studio and make 2013 a great year! And not let other negative people get me down!!! :)

Another neat idea given to me by a friend which I’m going to do myself: starting tomorrow, get an empty jar and when something good happens in 2013, write it down and pop it into the jar. Next New Years Eve, empty that jar and read what awesome stuff happened over the year!

"Approach the New Year with resolve to find the opportunities hidden in each new day."
~ Michael Josephsond

and see you next year!
~ Sharka

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